How to Make Packing of Wine Glasses Easier for a Move

 You might have the most efficient Dallas movers, but still it would be good to learn about the packing of your wine glass collection, because it requires something extra. The reason behind this is that the stems are the most delicate parts. So, is there are a way to pack these wine glasses in such a manner that these glasses, particularly the fragile stems do not get smashed or break? Let us find out.

Steps for Packing Wine Glasses Efficiently

If you can pack wine glasses in a proper manner, they won’t get damaged in the transportation, but would reach intact to your new home. Check out this step by step procedure for effective packing.

Step 1- Store this kitchen glassware in boxes and fix the sides and the bottom of the boxes with tapes run twice. If you use quality packing tape, there would be no accidental breakage of the moving boxes during the transportation, but they will stay in shape.

Step 2- Get hold of around 10 newspaper pages and make loose balls out of them. Place these balls within the initial moving container at the bottom. Your aim should be to make a protective coating with the help of these crumpled newspaper balls. This layer will behave like efficient automobile springs and help in the absorption of any kind of travel shocks.

Step 3- The most wonderful procedure to pack wine glasses is to get the stem of each glass wrapped with bubble wrap sheets. Continue with the wrapping till the wrapped layers are as wide as the glass bowl. Then you can attach a tape around the bundled stem so that the bubble wrap does not unfold while on the move.

Step 4- Arrange three sheets of packing paper and position each partly covered wine glass in the center of this stack. Then, very gently and gradually, the first corner of this packing paper stack should be pushed within the wine glass bowl. Also, you should try to fill the entire bowl with paper, to the extent possible. Once this is done, the other three corners of this three-sheet paper stack should be carefully wrapped covering the entire glass. Then put a tape around the completely wrapped up glass stem.

Step 5- Your next task is to place the wrapped up items within the moving box and on the crumpled paper, which is the bottom layer of the box. The mouth of the stem glasses should face down, since this type of arrangement helps in better shock absorption, and also protects against other jerky motions and vibrations that occur in a road trip.

Step 6- When the first row is complete, you need to start with the second row but before that place a bubble between the two rows as a protective layer. After the moving box is filled with the wine glasses, put in crumpled newspaper pieces to cover up extra space.

Step 7- With the help of a marker; label the boxes with words or phrases like “KITCHEN GLASSES”, “FRAGILE”, and “THIS SIDE UP”, and all is done.

By packing your wine glasses in this manner will make it more convenient for the Dallas movers to carry them. Moreover, you can enjoy your drink as you reach your new home.

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Labeling Boxes the Right Way for a More Efficient Move

 On the moving day, chaos is the last thing that you would want to experience. With the Dallas movers there in your house along with other relatives, friends or helpers you might appoint, there are chances that things might go out of order. However, rest assured that if you have efficient movers at hand, things might be under control, from packing to moving.One of the best ways to ensure order in the packing and moving process is to label the boxes properly before the move. Although several people tend to ignore the importance of pre-move labeling of boxes, it does help to a great extent.

Items you need for labeling boxes

You need to keep a few items at hand before you get to label boxes. So, make sure that you have the following items with you:

    • Packed Container- It goes without saying that without packing the moving container; you cannot start off with labeling. So, as soon as a box is filled up mark it. This is better than filling up a few boxes and then trying hard to remember what is inside each. Note that time is a very important factor for a successful move and you cannot afford to lose any time.
    • Color Markers- This is to guarantee that things do not get disorganized both on the moving day and when you start the unpacking process. The color marker is your writing tool throughout the labeling process. When you are purchasing markers, be careful about the brand and quality. Buy markers of varied colors, so that you can go for the color code labeling procedure, which is extremely effective. The markers ought to be water-proof and permanent so that the writings are legible even when the storage conditions are unfavorable or bad.

  • Color Labels- By using color labels, identifying the boxes becomes all the more convenient after the goods are transported to your new place. This process plays a vital role in doing away with errors of boxes being delivered to incorrect rooms or places in the house. If you contact Dallas movers, most of them would be able to give you box labels that are pre-manufactured against some charges. You may also search in the internet where a lot of printable and downloadable labels are available free of cost. In case you are a professional in this field having the requisite skills and time, you may also create your own customized labels.
  • Colored and Clear Tape- The colored labels can be attached to the packed boxes with the help of clear packing tape. It is better not to use glue, since things can become messy. Again, if you want the delivered boxes to be identified more easily, there are tapes of various colors available. You can select a color for each room of your new apartment or house.

While marking the boxes you can either use the numeric labeling system or the color code labeling procedure. Both are equally effective, it depends on your preference.

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Great Tips to Ensure Your Safety on the Day You Move

 Moving day is perfectly the day when you are most tensed. Hiring the right Dallas movers can indeed give you ready help at hand, and make the process more convenient, but still there is always a feeling of apprehension as to whether everything will take place successfully. If you are not careful enough there are high chances of injuries and accidents occurring on this day. However, you can steer clear of such incidents by taking proper steps.

Make the way free from obstacles

You must create adequate unconstrained space, both within your house and outside it. This makes room for free movement and also allows you to take your belongings out safely. If the hallway or the paths which lead to the moving vehicle have any obstacle, you must remove them. Also, double check to see that there are no protruding branches, dry leaves, ice or snow, mud or any other debris in the walkways, which can bring in hazards. When you or the Dallas movers are moving your belongings, a person must be appointed to spot any possible dangers around.

Dress properly

On the moving day, you must wear comfortable clothes which are made up of materials that are flexible and breathable. You or any of your family members must not wear baggy clothes which have the tendency to get caught in something and make you fall. Say a big no to slippery soles or high heels if you do not want any sprain or strain to bother you on the moving day. If you wear high-top sports shoes it will serve a double purpose. On one hand your toes and ankles will be protected from painful accidents, and on the other hand, their flexibility will safeguard you from falls or slips.

Make use of appropriate moving equipment

This is extremely important if you have planned a self move. Suitable moving equipments are required to transport heavyweight appliances or furniture towards the moving truck, without any kind of accidents like pulling a muscle, getting a sprain on your back or a heavy piece injuring your feet. Along with a moving dolly, you also need moving straps and furniture pads so that you can lift and transport the bigger possessions safely without damage to the items or yourself.

Leveraging proper lifting methods

First of all, if you think that you are not capable of lifting, straightaway hire movers. When you are taking the responsibility, bend your knees and concentrate the power of your legs and arms to lift the object from the ground and move it.  The items should be held near to your body and you should take one step at a time, maintaining a steady and slow movement. Refrain from lifting items over head level or bearing the weight of big pieces beyond a few minutes.lifting

Apart from following the safety tips, you must also make your moving plans in advance to minimize the rush on the moving day. Also, however hectic the schedule might be, properly take breaks to relax and have some water or other refreshing drinks.

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Items that are More Prone to Damage during a Move

There are a lot of good packing materials available that can help you successfully transport your belongings. However, there are certain items that need special care to survive the move. Let us see what these items are and how they can be safeguarded.


Furniture pieces are more prone to damage during a move owing to the varied shape and large size. Hence when you or the Dallas movers are moving heavy furniture, the best thing is to disassemble whatever you can. Remove all detachable elements and go for separate packing of each, while labeling or marking appropriately to indicate the origin of that particular part.

When you call the professional movers, they will come with the proper equipments; otherwise, if you are moving on your own, you need to fetch the right ones. Furniture pads or moving blankets are great to use, and offer due protection to the walls, floors as well as the pieces of furniture moved.

To safely move furniture, the wisest thing to do is to hire a professional moving company or call some helpers, say your friends, relatives or colleagues, who are dependable. On the other hand, if you wish to see a more modern and fresher ambience in your new home, you may sell some furniture to evade the risk of transportation. Some money will also come to you in the process.

Glassware and China

These are extremely fragile items and can break very easily. So, when you are transporting them, offer as much protection as you can so that the items are kept intact at the time of the move.

Individual wrapping of the pieces will do the trick and you need to arrange the things very cautiously in appropriate sturdy boxes. Take care to see that the items do not move inside the boxes; using old clothes and towels can check the movements of the plates and glasses perfectly.

Once the boxes are closed, secure them with lots of packing tape so that there is no sudden tearing or opening as an impact of the move. In legible, capital letters, label the containers as “FRAGILE” so that they can be easily identified. Also mark “THIS WAY UP” so that they can be properly carried. Treat all other fragile items such as figurines, pottery and so on in the same manner.

Electronic and Sporting Equipment

These goods are extremely sensitive, so many prefer to call the Dallas movers to pack and transport them. The most suitable method is to pack these items by putting them in the original packaging box because it has the most fitting measurements. Also, plenty of packing tape and padding are required.


Moving companies usually do not offer transportation of plants, so it is completely your responsibility to avoid damage. A few days prior to the move, tie loose branches of plants, stop watering, and get support for the stems at the top level. If you are carrying plants in bags or boxes, make room for good amount of light and air to come in. Also, unpack as soon as possible on reaching your new place.

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